Book Collections Continued…

DSC_0257I recently went through my books in storage only to discover that I had more book collections than expected.

I will begin with the children’s books.  I loved the Cat in the Hat series and still have a large collection.  I remember getting them through mail over, a different one would come each week and I would read them and add them to the shelf.

My favourites include;

* Because a Little Bug went Ka-Choo! by Rosetta Stone

* Wacky Wednesday by Theo. LeSieg

* A Fish out of Water by Helen Palmer

* One Fish two fish red fish blue fish by Dr. Seuss

* Spooky Riddles by Marc Brown

* The Bears’ Picnic by Stan and Jan Berenstain

* Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss


Top Children’s Book Series

Cover of "Five Run Away Together (Famous ...

Cover of Five Run Away Together (Famous Five)

I would like to pay tribute to some of my favourite Children’s Book Series that made me the reader I am today.  I always hated when a good story would end and that was why a series was so special.  I could continue reading about my favourite characters for longer than just one book.

1)  The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis – Still re-reading and enjoying them.  I have always loved stories where new worlds are created and explored.

Fav Book in the seriesThe Magician’s Nephew

Fav Character in the series – Prince Caspian (because he was brave and in my head handsome)

2) The Famous Five by Enid Blyton – Oh, the Adventure’s these kids had!  I always wished that I could solve mysteries as neatly and care free as they could.

Fav Book in the series – Five Run Away Together 

Fav Character in the series – Timmy the dog (because he was pretty much the reason they were all still alive)

3) Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody – I found the story lines fascinating and hauntingly beautiful.

Fav Book in the series – Ashling

Fav Character in the series – Elspeth (because it is her story and she is powerful)

4) Ramona (novel series) by Beverly Cleary – The crazy antics of Ramona would keep me entertained for hours.

Fav Book in the series – Beezus and Ramona 

Fav Character in the series – Beezus (because as an older sister I could relate to her plight and anguishes)

5) The Wishing Chair (series) by Enid Blyton – A chair that flies to magical places, genius.

Fav Book in the series – The Wishing Chair Again

Fav Character in the series – Chinky (because he is a cheeky pixie with a heart of gold and a cool name)

6) Goosebumps (the original series) by R.L. Stine – I loved being scared when I was young and these books did the job nicely.

Fav Book in the Series – Monster Blood, Welcome to the Dead House, Stay out of the Basement, One Day and HorrorLand

Incredible Book Collections

Alice in Wonderland

To follow up on a previous post (Book Collections –  Alice in Wonderland),  I have been researching book collections/collectors.   I discovered that the University of British Columbia’s Rare Books and Special Collections Department  has over 200 editions in their Alice Collection and over 500 other items which certainly puts my mere 15 to shame.

Charles Dickens

The Robert D. Fellman Dickens Collection includes more than 150 volumes of Dickens’ writings (including first editions).  I have a small collection that I am quite proud of.  They look fairly old, I don’t know when they were published.   To have a first edition would be remarkable but unfortunately way out of my price range.

My Charles Dickens set

My Charles Dickens set

Enid Blyton

Another collection that I have been working on is attempting to obtain as many Enid Blyton books as I possibly can.  At the moment I have around 50.  She wrote over 150 novels alone so I have quite a way to go.  The Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s books purchased an Enid Bylton collection from her eldest daughters Estate which included an unpublished novel.

Martin Bodmer

He is perhaps my book collecting inspiration.  His private collection consists of over 160,000 items with some printed before the 1500s.  One day I hope to view the collection which is located in Switzerland at the Fondation Martin Bodmer World Literature Library.

Can any one else provide any information on book collections?