Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion – A Discussion (May Contain Spoilers!)

20130728_150002I often struggle to decide what to do first; watch the movie or read the book.

For Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion I watched the movie before reading the book.  I really enjoyed the movie and thought that Nicholas Hoult portrayed the Zombie R character perfectly.

The movie did not spoil the story line when I finally got around to reading the book.  In fact it actually enhanced the reading experience as it allowed me to concentrate on reading the words which is what I am trying to do more of thanks to Francine Prose‘s ‘Reading like a writer (see blog entry).

There were differences between the book and the movie and most did not bother me.  However I did find that R having a wife and kids (in the book) slightly unnecessary to the overall plot.  It was an interesting idea though.

I found this book quite touching and beautiful which sounds strange given the fact that people’s brains and limbs were being eaten.  It was such an interesting take on the typical zombie genre and gave me hope that if we ever encounter a dreaded Zombie apocalypse we would get through it as a human race.

Marion has quite a skill in making the horrific seem more poetic and I am interested to read more of his work.  The New Hunger (the prequel to Warm Bodies) has been released as an ebook.  I am not accustomed to reading in this format but will have give it a go for curiosities sake.


* ‘There is no ideal world for you to wait around for. The world is always just what it is now, and it’s up to you how you respond to it.’

* ‘What wonderful thing didn’t start out scary?’

* ‘I’m dead, but it’s not so bad.’

* ‘We will be the cure.  Because we want it.’

* ‘Laughter.  Another first for me.’



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