What’s on your bookshelf? Part 1

The first thing that I notice when I enter a person’s home is their bookshelf.  I compare their reading styles to my own and proceed to tell them which books we both have.  I am unsure if this is intrusive or boring for the owner but I just cant help myself.

Bookshelves are fascinating to me and I believe that you can tell a lot about a person from the titles sitting on their shelves even if they are full of dust and look like they have never been read.  I thought it might be interesting to take photos of my friends and families bookshelves so here goes…

Owner Description


Age: 29

Titles that I would like to borrow/Steal:

* Graffiti World – Street Art From Five Continents

* Decoded – Jay Z

* Driven From Within – Michael Jordan

* Sneakers – The Complete Collectors Guide

Shelf of a 29 year old male.


Clearly a huge poker fan!

Clearly a huge poker fan!


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