Favourite Enid Blyton Characters!

Original Budget Books cover of The Magic Faraw...

Original Budget Books cover of The Magic Faraway Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Five on a Treasure Island (Famo...

Cover of Five on a Treasure Island (Famous Five)

Some of my favourite Enid Blyton Characters;

Moonface (The Magic Faraway Tree Series) – His cute little round house, the slippery slip and his brave and to the point demeanour make him the perfect character.

Julian (The Famous Five Series) – I am aways partial to characters that are leaders.  Julian is the oldest of the group and is responsible and intelligent.

Janet (The Secret Seven Series) – She is second-in-command and a lot more headstrong than the other girls in the group.  While the other girls sometimes get quiet silly she is brave and quite sensible.

Susie – (The Secret Seven Series) – A younger sister of Jack who is in the Secret Seven.  Susie wants to be in the group but is always refused.  It is entertaining to read about all of the antics she creates  to annoy the Secret Seven.

Chinky (The Wishing Chair Series) – A kind hearted cheeky pixie who brings his magical world to the playroom of Mollie and Peter.


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