Games by Robin Klein – A Discussion

20130406_121159_resized 20130406_121225_resizedI came across this book while sorting through my collections and decided to give it another read.  Robin Klein was one of my favourite Australian authors growing up.  I especially loved Came Back to Show You I Could Fly.  

Games is a teenage ghost story that is actually quite scary.  I wont spoil the ending for anyone that may want to read or re-read it but I will say that Klein builds suspense nicely and gives you little frights at the perfect moments.  The story is about three girls who stay at one of their Aunt’s place while she is away without permission.  Strange things start to happen. Some can be explained by the girls themselves but there is definitely something or someone in the house with them.  The story ties up any loose ends and is very plausible which I respect as an avid ghost story reader.

I also really like the references to Melbourne – the setting, places that are familiar to me and the specific Australian slang.

Some Quotes to entice future readers;

* ‘Then froze, staring at a pair of feet shod in white, which were standing quite still, waiting, on the very top step.’

* ”Geelong somewhere! Am I supposed to ring every Geelong number in the phone book then?  Strewth, who let you out?”

* ‘And something else, a long, cold white hand, reaching in through that dark space.’

* ‘She stood frozen, until the thought of those pale, dead fingers reaching up in the dark to encircle her ankle sent her leaping for the switch near the door.’


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