The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – A Discussion (may contain spoilers)

I think because I haven’t read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader as many times as earlier books in the series I under-estimated how good it was.  It’s an exciting tale with interesting characters and a plot that is full of twists and turns.


* Amazingly (unlike all of the rest of the book in the series), the characters don’t get into Narnia until page 12.  Necessary because of the introduction of Eustace Scrubb, a brand new character.

* The description of the Dawn Treader is vivid and you can imagine how it looks and where everything is located.

* I liked the inclusion of Eustace’s diary during the storm – it made it more realistic.

* The story of how Eustace turns into a dragon and subsequently has a change of heart about how he feels about Narnia and his comrades is delightful.

* One of my favourite parts of the books is when they are on the Island of the Voices and when Lucy goes into the magicians house.  Suspenseful, and the description of the house is fascinating.

* I always found it sad when they leave Reepicheep at the end of the world and when Aslan tells Lucy and Edmund that they would not be returning to Narnia.


– ‘There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.’

– ‘To be strictly accurate, he began to be a different boy.  He had relapses.  There were still many days when he could be very tiresome.  But most of those I shall not notice.  The cure had begun.’

– ‘The others were too exhausted to see what Lucy saw.  There, a few yards behind them, the loop of the Sea Serpent’s body got rapidly smaller and disappeared into a splash.  Lucy always said (but of course she was very excited at the moment, and it may have been only imagination) that she saw a look of idiotic satisfaction on the creature’s face.’

– ‘It would have been nicer if there had not been strange signs painted in scarlet on the doors – twisty complicated things which obviously had a meaning and it mightn’t be a very nice meaning either.’

– “Dearest,” said Aslan very gently, “you and your brother will never come back to Narnia.”


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