The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis (A Discussion – Contains Spoilers)

DSC_0083This is my favourite book in the Narnia series.  I think that it is so under rated and I can’t understand why movie makers always skip it!  This book reveals how Narnia was created.

Discussion Notes:

* The book gets straight into the action after a brief introduction of the characters (Polly and Digory) who you like immediately.

* I loved the concept of going to another ‘world’ via the magic rings.

* The wood between two worlds with all of the small pools is also a fascinating idea.  When I was little I would imagine what other kinds of worlds existed in each pool.

* I always found the deserted city of Charn quite eerie, especially when Digory and Polly enter the room where all of the frozen figures are sitting.

* The character of Uncle Andrew is hilarious – yes he is selfish but he gets his comeuppance when the animals of new Narnia think he is a tree and try to plant him into the ground

* The creation of Narnia by Aslan is one of my favourite parts of the book – especially when the lamp post grows

* The characters of good and evil  – Aslan was my hero growing up and the queen terrified me.  Lewis portrays them perfectly  without being stereotypical.

* The ending sets the stage for the next book perfectly – I often forget that the wardrobe was built from a tree grown from the seeds of the apple from Narnia.


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