Australia Day – My Favourite Australian Books

Banksia men

Banksia men (Photo credit: mimbles)

What better way to celebrate Australia Day (Jan 26th) than to show some appreciation for Australian Literature.

Here are some of my favourite Australian books/authors;

1) Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay – I have always found this book fascinating.  I love the mystery and it still manages to give me chills every time I read it.  The imagery and how she describes the Australian setting is spot on.

2) The Complete Adventures of SnugglePot and Cuddle Pie by May Gibbs – As a child I found these tales (especially the illustrations) captivating.  May Gibbs was incredibly talented and creative who would think of having Gumnuts as the main characters?  I was always slightly disturbed by the Banksiamen though.  Creepy!

3) Any book by John Marsden – His novels got me through my teenage years.  My favourite are ‘Checkers’, ‘Letters from the Inside‘ and ‘So much to tell you‘.  All darkly fascinating.

4) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – The story really doesn’t have anything to do with Australia but the author is Australian and it is one of my favourite books.

5) Storm Boy by  Colin Thiele – Always used to make me cry, a beautiful story about a boy and his friendship with a pelican.

What are your favourite Australian books?


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