Missing Borders

There has been a hole in my bookstore heart that can’t seem to be mended.   Since Borders closed I have been struggling to find a suitable replacement.

I have been purchasing books from booktopia.com.au and although I do like browsing through online stores it doesn’t feel the same as wandering through the shelves of the once book super store.

The smaller book stores are sufficient if I get really desperate for a book purchase.  Unfortunately they are slightly over priced, don’t offer quite the range that Borders did and don’t have the extras such as notepads, magazines, etc.

I also miss the fact that I could spend hours in Borders without feeling like a criminal.  You could sit down, browse through the books and enjoy a coffee.  I feel as though I have to get in and out as quickly as possible in the smaller stores.

Borders had the best range of magazines.  I now have to search through newsagents to find my favourite international mags and more often then not I come home empty handed.

Borders had everything a book lover needed all under one roof.  It is sadly missed.


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