On Writing by Stephen King

As a beginning fiction writer and a fan of Stephen King I was looking forward to getting some tips from a master of the craft.

While it did have a little too much biography and don’t get me wrong, it was interesting to read how he developed as a writer, I did gain some valuable writing advice that I had not found in other writing guides.

* The revision sections really helped me; leaving the manuscript for 6 weeks, getting rid of pronouns and adverbs that are not absolutely necessary, letting 6-8 people read your book at its second draft.

* His tips are simple and get straight to the point.

* The actual example of a revised story (1408, near the back of the book) was particularly helpful.  You can clearly see the revisions.    He also explains his reasons for making changes and cutting certain parts.  The editing part is what is really challenging for me as a writer and his techniques made the whole process not so daunting.  KING


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